Session Descriptions

Charlotte Mason Foundations: A Paradigm Shift

Join Nancy for an introduction to Charlotte Mason, including her belief in the child as a person and her viewpoint that education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life, and the science of relations.  Drawing from her 20 years of experience using Charlotte Mason’s methods, Nancy will talk about the basics of a Charlotte Mason education to set the stage for the talks that will follow.

New Thoughts of God: Living Bible Lessons

Charlotte Mason said that  Bible teaching should be “as the warp in and out of which the child weaves other knowledge and other thought.”  In this workshop, Nancy will take attendees through an immersion session of a Bible lesson, which introduces children to “new thoughts of God” every day.

Our Schedule, Our Atmosphere

Learn how Charlotte Mason structured her school days and how atmosphere is key. Nancy will share how you can make your homeschool an enriching place with any size family by describing her tried and true schedule from her own homeschool, Sage Parnassus.  Hear what Nancy (and Mason!) thinks is the most important attribute in any environment in order for learning to occur.

The Well-Balanced Mind: The Imagination Factor

Do you value your imagination?  Your child’s? This talk is an exploration of the importance of imagination in education, faith and life. Mason said that “imagination is, like faith, the evidence of things not seen” and is an integral part of everyone’s personhood.  How can we nurture this in our materialistic society where testing reigns supreme?

The Humble Plant

What postures do we take in our homes, schools, and communities?  There are many lessons to be learned from L’Umile Pianta (The Humble Plant), the publication by the alumni from Charlotte Mason’s House of Education and the badge chosen by the Old Students’ Association. In this session, Nancy will explore how the lessons shared back then can help us today as we examine Mason’s thoughts on humility.